2016 PDN Photo Annual Winner

I was happy to hear this series I shot for Mr.Robot was selected as a winner in the 2016 PDN Photo Annual! Thank you, PDN! And of course thank you to everyone at USA Network, NBCU and on the shows production for letting me into their world for a few days. See all the winners here. #mrrobot #whoismrrobot#nbcuniversal #usanetwork@usanetwork_official @ramimalek@realchristianslater #pdn#pdnphotoannual #pdnphotoannual2016#pdnwinner#pdnphotoannual2016winner@pdnonline @photoserve_pdn#photocontest #photoannualwinner#series


KINGDOM Season 2 campaign

FullSizeRenderbThe season 2 premiere of KINGDOM aired last night and I’m sure it didn’t disappoint the fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter after an action and drama packed first season. I was lucky enough to get to shoot the campaign this time around and am really happy with how it turned out. A project like this is really the sum of it’s parts, and everyone stepped up on this one to deliver something I think we are all proud of. It starts with great concepts created by Nicole Gunther and her team at DIRECTV overseen by John Vetter. Which was then pulled together by top notch production from Lauren Abrams and Liz Lang & Co. and a fantastic crew who were on their toes throughout the 4 day 37 setup shoot. The shots were brought to life by an exceptional cast that has an energy and authenticity that you just can’t fake. And then it was all put together and polished again by Nicole and her team to create the images you see here and so many more. Click any of these pics to see a bigger gallery. I think more images were used in various ways from this shoot than any other I can remember, they even cut together a trailer with all still shots, which you can see below. A big thank you to especially Nicole, Lauren and John for bringing me on board such a great project and of course to show creator Byron Balasco and Bart Peters at Audience.


Mr. Robot for USA Network

A few weeks ago I shot a gallery of images of the cast on the new show Mr. Robot which premieres tonight on USA network at 10pm ET. It was a great assignment since the show is shot on location around NYC and there were plenty of opportunities for great visuals. Here are a few from the almost 10K images I shot over 5 days. The show is getting great reviews and looks like a very cool take on the hacker tech thriller genre. Thank you to Jason Holzman, Mark Rheault and everyone at USA network and of course the cast and crew of Mr. Robot who let me crash their party.

Steadi-Kid goes on the road

My little April fools day film Steadi-Kid, has just been accepted into a couple of film festivals and is in the running at a few more. It will be playing tonight at the NYC Downtown Short Film Festival. I wish I could be there but I’m currently in France. It also played last weekend in Siberia at the Mister Vorky Film Festival which is just for 1 minute films from all over the world. I really wish I could have gone to that one… The people of Siberia will now know how to eliminate unwanted child vibration. Exciting stuff. Laurels2

Goaltending for Selzentry

A little while back I shot this campaign below for Selzentry. It was an intense couple of days because we shot it at Chelsea Piers CT in Stamford, and while it’s an amazing facility with all 4 of these sports under one roof, it’s also a public facility and we needed to work around the normal schedule they have. So that meant our shoot on the ice rink was 4am to 9am and we were off the ice in time for the regular schedule. We got our own end of the pool for the water polo shot, but having tons of strobes over and around water with people in it always makes me nervous. There doesn’t seam to be much consensus about what would happen if a live strobe head or pack were to fall in a pool with people in it. Some say it would short out immediately or the GFCI switch on the outlets would take care of it, and others say everyone in the pool would die – but it’s not something you want to test out. Everything went just fine and I’ll let the debate continue to rage on without me… Thank you to Everyone at Havas Healthcare for bringing me on board, Jake Mills productions for putting it all together, Chelsea Piers CT for hosting us, and to House Tribeca who did a great job on the retouching.2014_11_04_selzentry_1654_530m_RGBcrFinal lacrosse FlatCR2014_11_04_selzentry_1666_520m_SCOTTcr image1

On the Road with the WWE for USA Network.

Screenshot-1A few weeks ago I was invited to shoot a library of images of the superstars and divas of the WWE for USA Network. We joined them on the road (where they always are) in Memphis and Nashville and got a pretty interesting look behind the scenes of the organization. Sometimes when you see something up close, the curtain is lifted and you really don’t think that much of it anymore. Other times you come away with a new found respect for whatever it is. In this case for me it was the latter. I didn’t have much of an opinion going in but after seeing how intense a schedule they keep (somewhere between 250-300 shows a year) and how it’s all put together, it really is an impressive operation. Sunday night they were in Memphis, Monday night RAW was in Nashville, and Tuesday they were in Atlanta for another show, and on and on, all with the same set that has to be trucked overnight to the next venue. The dedication and family atmosphere amongst the stars and crew was pretty cool to see too. Here are some of the many shots we did. Thank you to Jason Holzman, Janine Evangelista, Mark Rheault, and Oren Popovsky at NBCU. And a big thank you to Andrews Jenkins for letting me crash the party.


The SteadiKid Glide Carrier

My latest directorial effort. I’m proud it’s for such a great product that you can really believe in. Child stabilization has been a cause I’ve been passionate about for a while and I’m fortunate enough to be able to do my part with this spot. If you or a friend is still using a traditional baby carrier causing unwanted shake and wobble as you walk, don’t worry. Smoother days are ahead. Introducing the SteadiKid Glide Carrier:

The Many Rob Lowes of DIRECTV

Rob group blog

A little while back I had the distinct pleasure of being asked to shoot the stills for Rob Lowe’s DIRECTV campaign. If you are not familiar with it, normal Rob has DIRECTV and the various alternate Rob’s have cable. Don’t be like those Robs… Above from left to right there is Paranoid Rob, Peaked in High School Rob, Deadbeat Rob, Meathead Rob, and Poor Decision Making Rob, along with Normal Rob looking on proudly. For the shoot I was attached to the TV production and as Rob would transform into his various selves for the day we would shoot stills during breaks in the TV’s production schedule in a stage next door. Rob took the opportunity to riff on different bits for each character for the stills, since it wasn’t as scripted and there was no sound. So you can probably imagine how hilarious things got, as he would get more and more into the weirdness of each crazy Rob. There were points I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hold the camera steady enough to see through it, a rare problem to have. It was truly a pleasure working on this and being there to capture such a funny campaign. Much respect to the creative team at Grey, Doug Fallon & Steve Fogel for coming up with the whole thing along with Pam Duckworth at DIRECTV and Director Tom Kuntz. Thank you to Rob for being a good sport and a total pro. And of course a big thank you to John Vetter, Max Jerome, and Lauren Abrams at DIRECTV for bringing me on board.

Billy & Billie



The premiere of Billy & Billie is tonight! It’s a new original series created by Neil Labute for DIRECTV about a couple that falls in love – but so did their parents and they become step brother and sister. It could get awkward. A big thank you to the creative team at  DIRECTV for bringing me on board to shoot the key art – Nicole Gunther, Lauren Abrams and John Vetter.