Homage to Claude Lelouch

After shooting yesterday, the art director, my digital tech and I rented some bikes from the great ubiquitous public bike rental system in Paris and decided to take a spin through the city.  I shot a little video that is my homage to the classic 1976 short film “C’était un Rendez-vous” by Claude Lelouch, which you can see here.

My version is very low tech. I basically just taped my little point and shoot camera to my chest and off we went. Thanks to David and Matt for a great ride.

10 Responses to “Homage to Claude Lelouch”

  1. David

    Awesome Scott. It was a great ride through the city. Nice audio too. It lined up perfectly. But I like the ending the best, but I guess that only because I was there.

  2. Trish

    Hey Scott, that was a great ride! Thanks. I have the film – one of my favourites. What a difference it makes riding around Paris in daytime with the god-awful, real traffic, compared to what Lafitte experienced on a Sunday morning at 0530. You were a brave soul – some of those ‘near misses’ caught my breath. Wheeee…..have fun.

  3. Marjorie

    Great result! I’m amaized to see how much you seem to be used to parisian traffic!
    All the best for Shanghai.
    Hope you’ll have fun.

  4. Gwen

    C’est la Paroisse de la Trinité dans le 9ème arrondissement Scott !!!
    Merci encore pour cette semaine avec vous c’était bon…

    A bientôt

    Gwen (the lord of war)

  5. Marjorie

    Traduction from Gwen’s port:
    Thi is the Trinity Chruch in the 9th!!!
    Thnks again for this week with you guys. It was great!
    see you.
    Gwen (the lord of props!)

    In case you lost your french in your way to Shanghai… 😉

  6. Karen

    Great, great fun…..What a ride! And the music so perfect. Do it again…..and get it out there!

  7. Louis de Fontanes

    Scott, you are making Claude L. look like an amateur.


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