Name That Fruit

There were so many kinds of incredible fruit I had never seen before and couldn’t identify on the catering table here at the shoot in Sao Paulo, that I felt compelled to document them. They have the Portuguese names on them here supplied by the crew, which sound fantastic but aren’t much help to me in identifying them. Can any of you help with the english names?

4 Responses to “Name That Fruit”

  1. Karen

    We have most of these fruits in Geneva……and I don’t know the names here either. I see lichis, and kumquat, could that be a lemon? And the little sweet bananas have a specific name too…….anybody?

  2. andy

    These are typical of tropical fruit found in Malaysia. Starting top left and going down, you have custard apple (also known as shermoya, I think), persimmon below that, green guava, purple mangosteen but the most unusual is the hairy, split fruit which is called rasmbutan – which most people mistake for lychee.
    Just a bit of typical tropical trivia……….Andy.


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