World Cup in Brazil

I was lucky enough to be in Brazil to watch them play their quarterfinal world cup match against the Netherlands on Friday. The Brazilians take it rather seriously. Before the game there was an atmosphere of a national holiday or new years eve. Everywhere you looked there were Brazilian flags, hats, banners, murals, wigs etc. I didn’t see a single piece of orange in support of the Dutch team until we passed an Irish bar which was full of orange jerseys. I guess thats a safe zone. We went to a neighborhood with several bars in one section that is a popular place to see the games without the insanity of being in the huge crowds at one of the outdoor public squares. When Brazil scored there was the usual celebration which you can see in the video clip here. What was interesting was the reaction when the Dutch scored. Nothing. If you had your eye off the TV you wouldn’t know anything happened. No boos or sighs or yelling, just – nothing. Then when the game was over and Brazil had lost, the general reaction was “Oh well. Too bad” and people went on with their day. No crying or rage or attacking the team or coach. It all seemed very well put in perspective which was amazing after all the build up and energy focused on the game. I did see one little guy tear up his Brazil jersey, but he was smiling about it.

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