Dr. Fish

During some downtime in Tokyo we went to a spa for some R&R. It’s a really cool place built out like a traditional wooden Japanese village with little restaurants and shops around the saunas and massage areas all within a giant warehouse. There are two main areas, male and female, that are all nude respectively with indoor and outdoor hot springs and saunas. The routine is you drop trou and give yourself a thorough scrub down at one of the little bathing stations around the wall. You are supposed to do this sitting on a wooded stool which I didn’t get until I was told to sit down because I looked stupid. As if being naked with a crazy farmers tan in a room full of japanese dudes didn’t make me stand out enough. Then you go for a dip in one of the various hot spring tubs at different temperatures inside or out, followed by a trip to the sauna. After you get over the public nudity part, which is always an exercise in self confidence, it’s quite relaxing. Then it’s back out to the kimono only coed area for a beer and some food with the ladies where, I kid you not, there was a guy dressed in a traditional japanese outfit with a wig and white face paint playing The Charleston on a tuba and doing the moonwalk while everyone clapped along. After that we headed out to the courtyard where they have the Dr. Fish treatment which is a pool full of fish that clean your feet by nibbling off any what-have-you. It’s a pretty intense feeling which at first you can hardly stand but eventually you get used to. The fish were really swarming around my feet at first which I was told meant they were extra dirty. I guess I should have scrubbed harder while sitting on my stool earlier.

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