In Lost in Translation

Of all the places I’ve been I would have to say Japan has the strongest and most in your face culture. By that I mean there is Japaneseness in everything. From the way people bow and give you a business card when you meet them, to the taxis with lace covered seats and drivers in white gloves and to the electronic wash and dry toilettes. There is a formality in things, especially doing business, that is not to be overlooked. When I was shooting I had almost 40 people standing behind me on set, not crew, but client and agency folks all in black suits. If you have ever seen the film Lost in Translation you get the picture. In fact we stayed at the Park Hyatt where they filmed the movie and the whole time I felt like Scarlett and Bill were right around the corner. I went through the same routine of being up at 3 am with jet lag, a serene swim in the pool alone, hanging out in the restaurant and bar with the insane view and trying to get a grip on it all. I really only scratched the surface of an incredibly unique, interesting and complex place but it only made me want to come back again and see it more in depth. The following pictures are just a few things that I managed to shoot around the production schedule.

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