Where do ideas come from? All kinds of places of course and in the case of the shot above of Jeff Goldblum it was quite an organic process. I shot it at the 2008 Toronto film festival. I had brought a box of fake mustaches with me with the idea of shooting a wacky mini series of pictures with different stars wearing them. After getting shot down by everyone I pitched it to I realized it was maybe not the great idea I thought it was. Then Mr. Goldblum walked in with an incredibly fun and wry energy, spouting out random trivia and asking rhetorical questions of everyone in the room. I thought to myself “Maybe he is crazy enough to go for the mustache idea.” Well he didn’t like it either but he said ” Why don’t we get Alexis over there (who was a young editor of the magazine) to put her finger under my nose like it was a mustache”. Great idea. Especially since Alexis has a tattoo of a mustache on her finger, which I thought was quite original and I had been shooting lighting tests of her all week holding her finger up to her nose. But Jeff didn’t know that. I assumed he saw the tattoo but he didn’t. He thought he was just smelling her finger. Then when he saw the shot on the monitor he was surprised to see her tattoo. So we arrived at the shot above by pure coincidence, collaboration and luck and it is a far better picture than one of Jeff wearing a fake mustache would have been.

I thought it was quite an original concept until I opened this months PDN and saw the other shot above by Michael Scott Slosar in an article about his self promotion. It seems we had the same idea and I found myself genuinely curious how he arrived there. But as it turns out there is a whole movement of people getting mustache tattoos on their fingers called a Fingerstache. There is even a website devoted to it: ,Wikipedia has a page about it and a Google image search comes up with quite a few shots. So it’s not that original in the end but I still like my picture of Mr. Goldblum.

One Response to “Inspiration”

  1. James Milne

    Great story man, shame though eh. But hey, I love the shot of Jeff with it – much better than a person having their own fingerstache.



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