Up in the Air

I have been flying a lot lately. As in NYC -> Sao Paulo -> NYC -> Tokyo -> NYC -> Moldova -> NYC -> LA -> NYC, all in the month of July. Incredibly I didn’t have even a slight delay on any of the flights. Pretty amazing. There are certain things I found to be true during my time in the air:

– I would rather have a window seat with a view and feel bad about disturbing my row when it’s time to go to the bathroom than have the aisle seat and get woken up by the guy in the window seat trying to climb over me when he can’t hold it any longer, let alone the drink cart hitting you in the knee. You just have to tough it out in a middle seat.

– Business class is better than coach. A lot better. This might sound obvious but it’s a big deal on long flights.

– Airport security is really just theatre to make us all feel better. I like to watch they guy watching the monitor on the x ray machine and he usually doesn’t have much of an attention span. I guess it has to be done but it seems like anyone with something sinister planned could find another way…. Slip on shoes and no change in any pockets make it all go a lot easier.

– The Munich airport is wacky. You have to go through security twice just to transfer there and they have a sex shop in the terminal duty free area.

– On international flights I actually enjoy the food almost without exception. There is something to be said for the corporate approved portion sizes and nutritionally balanced offerings that seem to hit the spot. On domestic US flights and inter European flights however, if there even is food, it’s usually pretty rough.

-Virgin America is the best airline in the US right now in my opinion. There are a few things that just really make it a cut above the rest. A power outlet in every seat. Wifi. You can order food from the touch screen menu in the seat in front of you at any time. Thank you, Mr. Branson.

– That feeling right after you said thank you to the pilot, stepped off the plane and you are walking up the jetway and you can stretch your legs for the first time in X number of hours just by walking, that’s a nice feeling.

On my flight from LAX to JFK we flew around some big clouds and I decided to shoot a little time lapse sequence. It’s fairly low tech. All handheld from my seat in 27A and spans about 4 hours from roughly over eastern California to maybe Indiana when it got dark.

2 Responses to “Up in the Air”

  1. zookmann

    agreed on all parts bud – i have to say ive taken prob 10-15 flights this summer and all of them have been on time and hassle free.


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