Touching the Zeitgeist with Snooki

I had the pleasure of photographing Snooki yesterday and I have never once asked for a picture with anyone I have shot in my whole career, but this time I had to make an exception. I posted this picture on facebook last night and it has generated about 30 comments so far. She is a real phenomenon of the moment. Like it or not, she is riding the zeitgeist. I have photographed academy award winners, nobel prize winners, hall of famers, captains of industry and government and people don’t have much to say, but when they see this picture above it’s “Oh my God! You shot Snooki!”. It’s the same reason I had to break my own rule and ask for a picture with her wearing her sunglasses, which she graciously accepted. She was a lot of fun and totally professional and made an extra big hair poof for us. In fact she tweeted “Lovin this photoshoot! Never put the poof so high b4! Sickkkk”. It was a great shoot and I wish her nothing but the best. Here is a little behind the scenes video:

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