The New York Times on COAL….

The NY Times has an interesting article in the Arts section today about the new show COAL on Spike TV for which I photographed the promo campaign. It mentions that the miners were not paid to be on the show, something I didn’t know and which seems to have struck a nerve with people who left comments attached to the article. I don’t know much about how it was all set up but as a counter point, I do remember hearing something about how if it wasn’t for the show coming along, the small independent mine featured might have run out of money and closed down. So it’s not all shameless exploitation, and I will certainly be tuning in on Wed. night. Having been down there and seen what they do first hand I will be glad to be on my couch and not in that mine. Much respect to those guys. Thank you to alert reader, Gary Powell who saw the story today and who also helped out on the shoot.

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