Football Cops!

DirecTV just launched their Football Cops trailer starring the Manning brothers. A hilarious and genius new “show” from super director Brian Buckley. Taking advantage of the downtime during the NFL lockout, Peyton and Eli solve crime as Mike Tahoe, and C.J. Hunter – the Football Cops. Dad, Archie is DA Orlando Midnight. I was lucky enough to get the call from DIRECTV to shoot the stills for the campaign. It was a fun day on set with the guys in full cop regalia with their football holsters and stylish mustaches. After seeing Peyton on SNL a while back I was expecting him to be the comedic star, but I have to say, Eli really got into it and had some of the funniest moments. It’s always interesting to hang on the set of a big production with live ammunition and pyrotechnics too. Good stuff. Here is what we came up with. A big thank you to DIRECTV and Deutsch for bringing me in on the project. It’s a pleasure to be a part of it.


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