Being Elmo

The New York premiere for the film Being Elmo was tonight. It’s been a long road since it first played at Sundance in January winning the jury prize. It went on to play at 12 other festivals since then and this weekend will finally be released in theaters starting at the IFC center in NY and spreading to many others nationwide soon. Full list of theaters here. The film tells the story of how Kevin Clash started making puppets when in grade school and ended up working along side his hero, Jim Henson on Sesame Street and the Muppets and eventually took a puppet another puppeteer at Sesame Street discarded and made him into an international sensation. It’s a wonderful story beautifully told and really worth checking out. My involvement with the project started at Sundance where I was on assignment for Moving Pictures Mag. and photographed Kevin and Elmo along with Director Constance Marks and DP James Miller. Which you can read about here. They remembered liking the pictures we did and when it came time to create the theatrical poster they contacted me to help with their new concept. I was happy to and honored to be a part of the project. So we did another shoot for the poster you see here. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know team Elmo and Kevin and truly fascinating and inspiring to see him bring so much joy to everyone.  Go see the film if it comes to a theatre near you. You’ll love it.



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