The Niagara Double Take.

I recently received Annie Leibovitz’s new book “Pilgrimage” and immediately thought “I think I have that same shot on the cover of Niagara Falls”. It’s one of the most photographed places there is and about a million other people have shot it too. I was there in Sept. 2010 on a cloudy day and stood in that special spot on the Canadian side and took a picture with my Canon S95 point and shoot like a good tourist. I just dug mine out of the archives and found Annie’s online and put them together. It’s cool to see how the two shots compare. It’s not every day you get to go apples to apples with Annie. Can you tell who shot which one?

6 Responses to “The Niagara Double Take.”

  1. Jon

    I remember the first time I rode on the Maid of the Mist. We got on board and put on our rain coats. The dual diesel engines roared as the boat pushed itself right up into the great falls, you could feel the force of the waterfall through your entire body. We pushed our way all the way to the front of the boat, nothing between us — face to face with the Falls. It was sublime.

    Thanks for sharing this incredible picture Scott.

  2. Pamela Joan Carter

    I love this shot. NIagara Falls is one of my favorite subjects, even though I’ve never been. My parents married here in the USA, visited Switzerland on their honeymoon and came back to check out Niagara Falls. They have photos of everywhere they went together, except Niagara Falls, because my father was a professional photographer. I guess he was more enthralled with that powerful waterfall than even the farthest body of water in Switzerland or the Left Bank of the Seine, because he has photos of all of the rest. Niagara will always remain a mystery, because it is the one place in all his years he ‘forgot’ to photograph. He was probably to entranced by its power and beauty. I say Annie shot the one on the top. Am I correct?

  3. KLMcDermott

    A-mazing! Very a-mazing…..I wouldn’t want to venture a guess, and hope you will tell, at some point?

  4. GP

    You gave it away by saying that you shot it on a cloudy day. Interesting how the colors pop more in yours. Annie likes it a bit warm and murky I guess.

  5. Scott McDermott

    I shot the top picture, it turns out. Annie had a wider lens and probably a real camera. I like hers better. That extra wide perspective and a little more detail in the back of the falls behind the spray gives it depth.


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