Snooki’s Gorilla Beach

The cover of Snooki’s third book “Gorilla Beach” was just released. This time she is going back to fiction with her second novel after the success of her first one, the NY Times bestselling “A Shore Thing”. We shot it back in December in a studio in NYC. You might have seen some pictures of the shoot on various blogs (Here & Here) which she tweeted causing a mini media storm over how good she looked in her bikini. One of the better reasons to be in a mini media storm, I must say. But now the final front and back covers are done and I can finally publicly say I do agree, she looks great being carried along by “Gorillas”. Although Coppertone Snooki with the dog on the back cover might be my favorite. A big thank you to Lisa Litwack at Simon & Schuster, Models Chris Zito, Dean Fazzolari, and Joe Turzili, Simi the dog, and of course to Snooki.

2 Responses to “Snooki’s Gorilla Beach”

  1. Simi's mom

    Snooki & Simi (the dog) are a cute pair. This is the first I’ve seen of the finished product. Thanks for posting!


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