Hello Again – Like being there.

Hello again

My friend Rick Kaplan just sent me a link to a very cool and unusual concert/media experience online. Click the image above to check it out. In a nutshell it’s a Beck concert held in a round auditorium with 3 stages in concentric rings. Beck in the middle. The audience in a circle around him and a huge orchestra in a third ring around the audience on the outside. Each ring is turning in opposite directions. Now here is where it get’s really cool. To watch it you can turn on your web cam, and with face detection you can turn your head and move the camera you are watching the concert with. There is also a 360 degree sound option for your head phones so it sounds like you are sitting where the camera is.

So basically it gives you the experience of sitting in the room listening and watching the show from one perspective and being able to move your head and look around. However, there is also a linear edited video feed of the show shot with multiple cameras in the bottom right corner and I found myself watching that more. It’s much more dynamic and interesting to see things from different perspectives and with the benefit of editing. I also found myself preferring the mixed stereo track to the 360 degree sound. Much richer. So while the technology at play to make the experience as close to being in the room as possible is some next level shit and clearly impressive, I think, like an NFL game, this is a case of it’s just better on TV. I would rather see the show shot with 10 cameras cut together well with mixed sound. But I do apprecaite everything that went into this technologically.

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