Bare Knuckle Boxing For DIRECTV

If you like to watch boxing but think the gloves makes it wussy, then DIRECTV has a new sport for you. Tomorrow night at 9pm ET they will be airing BKB 1, a new twist on old school bare knuckle boxing. The fighters still wear gloves, but with the knuckles cut out (no gloves at all isn’t possible to get sanctioned). Instead of a traditional square ring the fights are in a round 10ft diameter space with sloped sides and no ropes. So there are no corners, no rope-a-dope, nowhere to hide and an unobstructed view for the crowd. A few weeks ago I went up to Hampton Beach, NH where this first event took place to shoot all the fighters for the ad campaign and the tale of the tape pictures before each fight in the telecast. It was an interesting group of guys who had all signed up for something no one had ever done quite this way before. I didn’t see the fights but hear there are a lot of knockouts. I’ll be tuning in tomorrow night. Here is the ad campaign and a promo video from DIRECTV.


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