ACER Global Campaign

The ACER campaign I worked on a few months ago is starting to roll out. We shot 25 portraits of people using ACER products in different environments, in 5 days. Here are 15 of them below. The goal was to create a library of images to be used by all ACER’s local advertising agencies around the world to unify the look of their ads. To do that many shots in different environments in such a short amount of time, we built sets in large warehouse studios so the time between shots was as minimal as possible. We had a great crew who was building the sets, lighting them and getting the talent ready one shot ahead of the one I was shooting so we could be as efficient as possible. A big thank you goes out to a lot of people, but first and foremost everyone at ACER and RED PEAK for coming to me with the project. Above and beyond production by Tess Hogan and Briana Jacobson at Fill in the Blank productions. Prop Stylist: Zack Kinsella. Wardrobe: Erin Turon & Caroline Ward. Hair & Make Up: Olga Postolachi & Martyna Kopczynska. Digi Tech: David Turek. Photo Assistants: Gary Powell, Alex Baker, Samir Abady. Retouching: House Tribeca. Video DP: Rick Kaplan. And of course Brittany, Brian and David at Monaco Reps.

There is also a little behind the scenes video below from 2 of the shoot days.



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