A Quick Little Time-lapse

A couple weeks ago on a shoot in LA my assistant extraordinaire Mr. Marty Forsyth just happened to have brought his rare 500mm mirror, macro lens along on the day we just happened to be shooting on the top floor of the AT&T building. So while we were doing the shoot we had another camera setup doing little timelapse sequences of all the cool things you can see from such a great vantage point in downtown LA, i.e. epic freeways and traffic. Here is a very short little edit of what we shot that day I put together just for fun. I wish there was more but that’s all we had time for.

rivers of steel If you’re curious about such things, the lens looks like this below and is unusual for being so long (500mm) while at the same time being so short physically. That’s because it has a mirror inside like a telescope which makes it half the length of a regular 500mm but also means it has a fixed aperture of f8.  It also focuses extremely close for a lens that long. The coke can top was shot from about 3 ft away. It’s a pretty cool lens that’s not for everything but fun to play with. Nikon stopped making them a while ago but you can still find them on ebay.


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