Football On Your Phone


Back in July DIRECTV asked me to go down to New Orleans and shoot the key art campaign for their new commercial with Peyton and Eli Manning called Football On Your Phone. You can see the finished spot below with the guys in full ’90s boy band regalia. Pretty hilarious stuff and awesome to see the 2 biggest names in football totally going for it comedically. They were both real pros as actors and were hitting their scenes on the first take. The spot has gone viral with over 7 million views to date. You will see why:

We shot an entire gallery of stills too which was then put together into a one sheet movie poster that was to go along with the spot. Similar to the Football Cops ads I did for them a while back. DIRECTV did a great job putting the ads together in post and it looks fantastically cheesy in that special 90s boy band way. I wish I could post it here but tragically, because of a contract dispute with the NFL the stills portion of the campaign was killed and I can’t show it publicly online. Definitely a bummer, but it happens sometimes. Then today during the Broncos vs Giants “Manning Bowl” game, they aired this little piece below on the Football On Your Phone spot. Yes, that’s me shooting plates on the set as the guys do their thing. Thanks to alert viewer Elliot Kotek for seeing it and letting me know.

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