The Irony of a T-Shirt

_D7C9076       If you haven’t been following the news in France lately, you might not know that their President, François Hollande is embroiled in a bit of scandal after he seems to have been caught cheating on his girlfriend (The first lady of France) Valérie Trierweiler with actress Julie Gayet. I guess he’s been photographed leaving her apartment and his bodyguard was seen delivering fresh croissants there. Very French, I must say.

Well as it turns out I photographed Julie Gayet a few years ago at the Sundance film festival while she was there promoting a film. I didn’t realize it was the very same Julie Gayet that’s in the news until today when my editor Ben, at Corbis let me know that the pictures have been doing well in syndication suddenly. I’m sure her choice of T-shirt doesn’t hurt since its certainly taken on another meaning in the last week. You know now that I think about it, François Hollande and Batman have never been seen in the same room together…. Maybe she knows something about the president we don’t, and the French people are much safer from super villains than we thought.

Here is the situation explained quite well:



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