Monster Trucks with Danu

My 11 year old nephew, Danu is visiting from Moldova for the summer. It’s his first time in the United States. First time on a plane, in a big city, or really anywhere outside of his town in Moldova (He’s been to neighboring Ukraine a few times). He’s also a big car fanatic and loves anything with a motor. So when I saw there was a Monster Truck event at MetLife Stadium on Saturday night, well it was too good to pass up. What better way to introduce him to America? He’s never been to a stadium or any kind of motor sports event either. I only had a little point and shoot camera with me but I managed to get some shots of the adventure. The last part of the night didn’t go so smoothly when the dark side of eating 2 hotdogs, a pretzel, cotton candy, fries, cookies and a gallon of soda hit home. America should be eased into it a little more slowly next time, at least at the concession stand.

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