BKB 3 – Fight week in Las Vegas

DIRECTV’s new twist on Boxing, BKB (Big Knockout Boxing) is going big time on Saturday with a fight in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay with Brian Vera and Gabe Rosado facing off in the main event. What’s so new about BKB? Well, they redesigned the ring into a round pit with no ropes. So there is nowhere to hide, no rope-a-dope and no obstructed view for the audience. The rounds are 2 minutes instead of 3 and the gloves are lighter than traditional boxing. It all adds up to more intensity, more action and more knockouts. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of BKB since the first fight, photographing the campaigns and fights as it’s grown, which has been really cool to see. I shot Gabe and Brian about a month ago for the campaign below and they are both super nice guys and I can honestly say I’ll be pulling for both of them on Saturday night. Tune in on PPV on any cable or Satellite provider to check it out or head out to a bar that will be showing the fights. A big thank you to the team at DIRECTV for bringing me onboard and making me look good with great creative and post – John Vetter, Lauren Abrams and Max Jerome.

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