The Many Rob Lowes of DIRECTV

Rob group blog

A little while back I had the distinct pleasure of being asked to shoot the stills for Rob Lowe’s DIRECTV campaign. If you are not familiar with it, normal Rob has DIRECTV and the various alternate Rob’s have cable. Don’t be like those Robs… Above from left to right there is Paranoid Rob, Peaked in High School Rob, Deadbeat Rob, Meathead Rob, and Poor Decision Making Rob, along with Normal Rob looking on proudly. For the shoot I was attached to the TV production and as Rob would transform into his various selves for the day we would shoot stills during breaks in the TV’s production schedule in a stage next door. Rob took the opportunity to riff on different bits for each character for the stills, since it wasn’t as scripted and there was no sound. So you can probably imagine how hilarious things got, as he would get more and more into the weirdness of each crazy Rob. There were points I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hold the camera steady enough to see through it, a rare problem to have. It was truly a pleasure working on this and being there to capture such a funny campaign. Much respect to the creative team at Grey, Doug Fallon & Steve Fogel for coming up with the whole thing along with Pam Duckworth at DIRECTV and Director Tom Kuntz. Thank you to Rob for being a good sport and a total pro. And of course a big thank you to John Vetter, Max Jerome, and Lauren Abrams at DIRECTV for bringing me on board.

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