On the Road with the WWE for USA Network.

Screenshot-1A few weeks ago I was invited to shoot a library of images of the superstars and divas of the WWE for USA Network. We joined them on the road (where they always are) in Memphis and Nashville and got a pretty interesting look behind the scenes of the organization. Sometimes when you see something up close, the curtain is lifted and you really don’t think that much of it anymore. Other times you come away with a new found respect for whatever it is. In this case for me it was the latter. I didn’t have much of an opinion going in but after seeing how intense a schedule they keep (somewhere between 250-300 shows a year) and how it’s all put together, it really is an impressive operation. Sunday night they were in Memphis, Monday night RAW was in Nashville, and Tuesday they were in Atlanta for another show, and on and on, all with the same set that has to be trucked overnight to the next venue. The dedication and family atmosphere amongst the stars and crew was pretty cool to see too. Here are some of the many shots we did. Thank you to Jason Holzman, Janine Evangelista, Mark Rheault, and Oren Popovsky at NBCU. And a big thank you to Andrews Jenkins for letting me crash the party.


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