Goaltending for Selzentry

A little while back I shot this campaign below for Selzentry. It was an intense couple of days because we shot it at Chelsea Piers CT in Stamford, and while it’s an amazing facility with all 4 of these sports under one roof, it’s also a public facility and we needed to work around the normal schedule they have. So that meant our shoot on the ice rink was 4am to 9am and we were off the ice in time for the regular schedule. We got our own end of the pool for the water polo shot, but having tons of strobes over and around water with people in it always makes me nervous. There doesn’t seam to be much consensus about what would happen if a live strobe head or pack were to fall in a pool with people in it. Some say it would short out immediately or the GFCI switch on the outlets would take care of it, and others say everyone in the pool would die – but it’s not something you want to test out. Everything went just fine and I’ll let the debate continue to rage on without me… Thank you to Everyone at Havas Healthcare for bringing me on board, Jake Mills productions for putting it all together, Chelsea Piers CT for hosting us, and to House Tribeca who did a great job on the retouching.2014_11_04_selzentry_1654_530m_RGBcrFinal lacrosse FlatCR2014_11_04_selzentry_1666_520m_SCOTTcr image1

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