KINGDOM Season 2 campaign

FullSizeRenderbThe season 2 premiere of KINGDOM aired last night and I’m sure it didn’t disappoint the fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter after an action and drama packed first season. I was lucky enough to get to shoot the campaign this time around and am really happy with how it turned out. A project like this is really the sum of it’s parts, and everyone stepped up on this one to deliver something I think we are all proud of. It starts with great concepts created by Nicole Gunther and her team at DIRECTV overseen by John Vetter. Which was then pulled together by top notch production from Lauren Abrams and Liz Lang & Co. and a fantastic crew who were on their toes throughout the 4 day 37 setup shoot. The shots were brought to life by an exceptional cast that has an energy and authenticity that you just can’t fake. And then it was all put together and polished again by Nicole and her team to create the images you see here and so many more. Click any of these pics to see a bigger gallery. I think more images were used in various ways from this shoot than any other I can remember, they even cut together a trailer with all still shots, which you can see below. A big thank you to especially Nicole, Lauren and John for bringing me on board such a great project and of course to show creator Byron Balasco and Bart Peters at Audience.


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